Poor sound quality means distorted, unintelligable music, which leads to headaches and irritated guests!

Depending on the event, we use a combination of Bose active and passive speakers to achieve an appropriate sound level with superb quality. We have selected our equipment to be more powerful than necessary so that we don't have to run at maximum capacity to achieve an adequate sound level.

This all means better sound quality and more reliable equipment.

It also means we can achieve the desired atmosphere on the dance floor without cranking the volume up so high that people elsewhere in the room can't have a conversation. But, there's volume there if you want it!


If you're picturing 70's-style light screens and flashing lights, think again.

Our lighting rig uses high-end professional equipment that would be at home in any top nightclub, and is fully DMX computer controlled.

This means we can control the colors, speed and effects to suit the music or the theme of your event.

The effects range from subtle enough to use as background mood lighting while your guests arrive, to fast-moving, energetic effects over a packed dancefloor.